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مركز ذبح الضحايا المحمول

Eid ul-Adha Slaughtering Center Project is designed for easy, healthy and clean slaughtering for the public. It's designed to slaughter 1500 sheeps per day, but can be increased by some minor modifications depending on our customer's requests. Project design consists of parking lot, cafeteria, slaughtering hall, administration office, mosque, sales office and everything that needed.
Features of Eid ul-Adha Slaughtering Center;
  • Provides 1500 sheeps slaughtering capacity per day,
  • Complies with international hygiene rules and standards,
  • Provides healthy, safe and clean slaughtering environment,
  • Prevents public slaughtering on the streets and keeps streets clean,
  • Provides much more controllable environment for slaughtering.