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COVID-19 latest status notification

COVID-19 latest status notification: WE ARE WORKING! 

We would like to inform you about the situation related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to inform you about the precautions we have taken as CEMSAN. 

In Turkey, where our headquarters and factory located, situation much better compared to many countries in the world. The government has decided to shut down many businesses against the risk of rapid spread. Among these, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants are in the majority. Curfew was imposed on certain age groups. Travels in metropolitan cities are temporarily restricted. We also carefully implement the measures taken within the scope of Covid-19 virus in our factory and office since the beginning. We planned our production areas. We applied certain rules in the places in our factory. We have determined dining halls, toilets and hygiene areas. We distribute masks to all our staff at certain times. In addition, we explained all Covid-19 precautionary methods for personal precautions. With the last decision we make, we also disinfect the shipping containers and carry out our shipments in this way. Thus, all the machinery and equipment we produced started to reach our customers with hygiene rules. We shared many videos and photos on our social media channels, our disinfection practices at our factory and at the time of shipment. 

Covid-19 virus has not been found in any of our staff so far. Health teams and doctors present at our factory on certain days constantly monitor the situation and carry out their inspections constantly. In addition, in case of any situation, 24/7 hospital and drug supply is provided to our staff from our social security institutions. 

Our production, R&D, construction site and shipping departments continue working full time. As we have already announced to you, all of our sales staff have been working as home offices since the beginning of the Covid-19 measure process. This situation still continues. We continue to communicate with our customers all over the world through our online channels, and we continue to work with our solution partners in the same process. It is good news that production has not stopped at any of our solution partners. However, it is clear that the products we will supply from our solution partners may have problems in customs procedures. Therefore, we will have to experience problems that may arise from time to time regarding customs procedures. We anticipate that we can overcome this in time. 

Thanks to our planning, we would like to happily state that we did not have any problems with our construction sites / customers, since 80% to 90% of our existing jobsites were completed at the beginning of the Covid-19 precaution process. All staff have returned to their country. In addition, none of our staff was quarantined in another country or in their own country. This is very nice news. We will reopen all our jobsites until the effect of Covid-19 decreases and the freedom of travel reappears worldwide. With the precautions we have taken, we continue to work and produce in our factory with ALL OF OUR TEAM ON TIME. 

We will only be patient for a while. We look forward to listening to you again and fulfilling your wishes by going through this period, making face-to-face presentations and meetings. 
Best Regards, 
Chairman of the Board 
Cemil LALE