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Cattle Elevator
Bleeding Line
Stainless Steel Channels And Grids
Hydraulic Transfer Unit
Cattle Transfer Platform
Processing Line
Rotationary Ritual Trap
Tail Opening Platform
Foot&Horn Cutting Platform
Monorail-Twinrail Transfer Platform
Leg Transferring Platform
Pre-Dehiding Platform
Dehiding Platform
Skin Band Conveyor And Chute
Brisket Opening Platform
Tripe Extracting Platform
Tripe Band Conveyor And Chute
Liver Extracting
Carcass Splitting Platform
Veterinary Control Platform
Spinal Cord Vacuuming Station
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Tail Opening Foot and Horn Cutting

Tail part of the cattle is opened. Anus and esophagus of the cattle is clipped in order to avoid the release of extrement
FOOT and HORN CUTTING The feet and horns are cut using a pair of hydraulic scissors at the end of the bleeding line and before the processing, the processing line starts at the stage platform with a transfer between the rails.